School Pictures

My little Dominic

My little "Big Man" Rocco

Could they be any different?!?!?!?

We got these back in October and I thought I'd post them for all to see. It was picture day at Rocco's school. You send them to school that morning and hope for a good picture. I took Dominic in during sibling time. Me, being their mother, think they're "A-DORABLE!!! Vinnie thinks Dominic looks like a missionary with his hair combed down. Do you think Rocco's going to look back and regret wanting his hair like Andre Kirelinko's everyday? What's really interesting is to put them side by side and compare. Could they be any different?!?! Blonde hair, brown eyes, brown eyes...fare complexion, olive complexion...narrow face, round face...nothing seems to resemble the other. Honestly, they did come from the same genes! Anywho, we love them both. Yummy aren't they?!?!


GB said...

Seriously, they are adorable. No doubt about it. I love to see the pictures you post of them. What spunk!

GB said...

That last post was from me. I have been messing around with my blog names, I forgot.

jenica said...

they are so adorable! but i think they look alike. i know, i'm a weirdo. but i remember rocco looking kinda like dominic (only fairer) when he was little. have you pulled out pics from the same age and put them side by side? ;-D