Look At Me!

Takin' my baby for a walk

Here I come...

I'm doin' it All By Myself!!

OK, for those of you that aren't aware. Dominic doesn't seem to have any desire to walk,... none...zip...zilch! Which, I might add, is perfectly OK with me, however he is getting a little heavy. It's been pretty funny trying to get him to walk because he WILL NOT bend his knees (picture baby Frankenstein). Not that he can't, but rather he won't. However, this all changed this past week. I have found his bribe. He loves to push the baby stroller with "baby Gavin" in it. (*I apologize for not having a diaper on baby Gavin as he is anatomically correct.) Dominic is perfectly content with scooting on his bum for his means of transportation, which is hysterical, I need to capture it on tape before he really does start walk. However, I grabbed a few shot of his first real attempts at walking.

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jenica said...

eeek, that baby needs some censorship. haha!

the boy walks! wheeeee!