Not a huge fan of the big guy....

Dominic was not impressed!

Me and the boys

My sister-in-law Christol and niece Celeste and nephew Gavin.

Today we went to visit with Santa. Needless to say, one of my boys was not to impressed with Santa. It made for a great photo however. Rocco on the other hand, LOVES him! I thought I'd share this little story, the conversation went something like this:

Santa: Hi Rocco, have you been a good boy this year?

Rocco: I'm trying

S: Well that doesn't sound too good

R: I know, it's just hard sometimes

S: Is there something you'd like me to bring you for Christmas?

R: Yes, Geo Tracks

S: Geo Tracks? Remind me what that is

Rocco then goes into a full description of what Geo Tracks is. Santa precedes to ask quite a few questions about Geo Tracks. Rocco looks very concerned. Eventually Santa tells Rocco that his elves can make lots of things. Rocco's not buying it. He thanks Santa, takes his candy cane and antler hat and we leave. On the way out Rocco says:

"I don't think Santa's Elves are gonna know what he's talkin' about!"


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Kelly Frye said...

Cute pictures Whitney. I can't wait to take Cruz to see Santa. Funny that you know Jacque too. Shawn is friends with Matt Dynan (who you probably also know too because he is a pilot). So, when we got married, we would hang out with Matt and Jacque sometimes. We don't do a ton with them, but a cool couple.

Goose said...

That Santa looks so real. Did anyone pull his beard?

Rusty and Tara said...

My name is Tara Banks (I'm Kami's sister in law) I have a quick question for you--I am just getting into digital scrapbooking, and I am wondering, what photo editing software you use? You have the cutest blog I have ever seen! I love your little scrapbook pages. DARLING
You can email me at

Thanks so much!

jenica said...

way cute. that's the best santa i've ever seen!

B, K, H & B said...

Hi Whitney!! What fun pictures ~ I love that you got one with all 3 of you. Where is that cute Santa at??? Hope all is well.

Kami Banks said...

Cute picture of you and the boys with Santa. I hope you are having a Happy Holiday. Kami